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Local Government Services Division
Digest Compliance Section

This unit focuses on the valuation and assessment process, and the collection process associated with property tax administration. The Digest Compliance Section is a primary support agency for local county tax assessors, appraisers, and tax commissioners. This section has the following responsibilities:

Provides technical and administrative support to counties for property tax purposes.

Receives ad valorem property tax digests from the counties each year.

Reviews ad valorem property tax digests submitted by the counties each year

Audits county tax commissioners to determine if there has been a proper accounting for the property taxes collected by the county tax commissioners for the state of Georgia.

Gathers data for school funding pursuant to Quality Basic Education Act.

Provides cost effective computer mass appraisal system to local county tax assessors.

Conducts training courses for county tax officials and their staffs.

This section maintains several files of interest to the general public:

Ad Valorem Taxes Levied in Georgia

Appraisal Procedures Manual

Conservation Use Values

County Ad Valorem Tax Digest Consolidated Summaries

County Tax Official Forms

Digest Review Status Table

Forest Land Conservation Use Assessment

Georgia Certification Program For County Tax Assessors and Appraisers

Property Tax Administration Annual Report

Rollback of Millage Rate When Digest Value Increased by Reassessments

Tax Digest Mill Rates

Tax Digest Submission Package

Timber Valuation Tables


The Local Government Services Division is not involved in the process of mailing your property tax bill or making decisions on your property tax appeal. You must contact your local county tax officials (see section below Contact Your Local County Tax Officials). But for additional information on the projects above, you can contact the following unless there is additional contact information listed on the web page:

Ellen Mills           (404)724-7032  

Click here for more contact information.                            

Contact Your Local County Tax Officials

We have helpful information on this website about the following topics in our Property Tax Guide for the Georgia Taxpayer.  This information is meant to help educate the public about the ad valorem taxation procedures in Georgia.  If your questions are not answered in the tax guide, then the best source of information about ad valorem taxation is the Tax Commissioner or Board of Tax Assessors in your county.

Paying Your Property Tax Bill If you have questions about paying your property tax bill you should contact the Tax Commissioner in your county.

Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment For information about appealing your property tax assessment you should contact the Board of Tax Assessors in your county.

Applying for Homestead Exemption To find out more about applying for homestead exemption you should contact the Tax Commissioner or the Board of Tax Assessors in your county.  Click here for more information on which tax official to contact.

Paying Taxes on Your Motor Vehicle You should contact the Tax Commissioner in your county for information on paying ad valorem taxes on your motor vehicle.

Researching Property Values In most counties you must to go to the Board of Tax Assessors' office in your county to look up property values, but for your convenience, we have a list of most of the counties that have property records online.

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