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Homeowner Tax Relief Credit

The Homeowner Tax Relief Credit provides homeowners with property tax relief on their county, school, state, and city property taxes.  This credit will give eligible homeowners property tax relief that is equivalent to an additional $8,000 homestead exemption. 

Homeowner Tax Relief Credit

Regulations for Homeowner Tax Relief Grants

Homeowner Tax Relief Credit Table

Tax Digest Submission Package


The Homeowner Tax Relief Credit is a credit given to the taxpayer directly from the State.  The credit is deducted from your property tax bill and reimbursed to the county by the State.  If you have questions about paying your property tax bill, you should contact the Tax Commissioner in your county. Or if you have questions about filing for homestead exemption, you should contact the Tax Commissioner or the Board of Tax Assessors in your county.  Click this link for more information on which tax official to contact in your county about homestead exemptions.

See the links below for information about ad valorem taxation in your county.

Counties or municipalities can contact the person below for information on reimbursement of the homeowner tax relief credit:

Cindy Dunlap


For information on updates of the homeowner tax relief credit table contact the Local Government Services web developer:

Kathy Bradberry (404)968-0703 
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