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County Ad Valorem Tax Digest Consolidated Summary

Warning:  The Local Government Services Division makes every effort to assure that the information presented on these web pages are up-to-date, but to obtain the most accurate information you should verify this information with the County Board of Tax Assessors

Tax Digest Consolidated Summary

The Tax Digest Consolidated Summary (also known as consolidation sheets) depicts the assessed totals of all property listed on a Georgia county's tax digest separated by tax district. These summaries also show how much tax is levied in the tax district.

Tax Digest Millage Rates

A report that has the actual millage rates for each taxing jurisdiction.  These files are PDF documents that require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

More Property Tax Rates
  • Millage Rate Manual for Motor Vehicles and Real and Personal Property
  • How to Interpret the Consolidation Sheets

    Where to Find Individual Property Records

    Persons desiring to search individual property records online or at the county tax office should contact the county board of tax assessorsClick here for a list of counties with property records online. This list might not include every county with property records online.


    Ellen Mills (404) 724-7032

    For updates of the digest summary and digest millage rates contact: 

    Kathy Bradberry (404) 724-7020

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