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General Information

  • Purpose of this Site
  • Property Taxation
  • How is Property Assessed?
  • Tax Rate
  • Is There Any Kind of Property They Can't Tax?
  • Where Do County Tax Dollars Go?
  • When Are Property Taxes Due?

  • When are Property Tax Returns Due?
  • Payment of Taxes  
  • Interest and Penalties on Unpaid Taxes
  • Property Tax Exemptions and Deferrals

  • What Types of Property are Exempt?
  • What is the Homestead Exemption?
  • Freeport Exemption
  • Other Personal Property Exemptions
  • Property Tax Deferrals
  • Taxpayer Bill of Rights

    Property Tax Appeals

  • How to Appeal a Property Tax Assessment
  • Appeals to the County Board of Equalization
  • Appeals to an Arbitrator or Arbitrators
  • Appeals to the Superior Court
  • Property Tax Refunds

    Property Tax Laws


  • What is the Franchise Tax?
  • Rights and Privileges Granted by this State to a Franchise
  • Taxation of Public Utilities

  • Public Utilities
  • Railroad Equipment Car Companies
  • Airlines
  • Recording the Security Instrument
  • A New Note or Modification of a Preexisting Note
  • Procedure for Recording Real Property Located in More Than One County
  • Nonresident Holder of Security Instrument on Real Property Located in Georgia and Outside of Georgia
  • Resident Holder of Security Instrument on Real Property Located Outside of Georgia
  • Taxation of Financial Institutions

    About Unclaimed Property

  • Are You an Owner of Unclaimed Property?
  • Unclaimed Property Act
  • What Types of Unclaimed Property are Remitted to the State?
  • When is Property Considered Abandoned and Remitted to the State?
  • Georgia Will Return the Property at NO CHARGE TO THE OWNER!
  • How to Keep Property from Becoming Unclaimed

  • Contact Your County Tax Officials

    We have helpful information on this website about the following topics in our Property Tax Guide for the Georgia Taxpayer.  This information is meant to help educate the public about the ad valorem taxation procedures in Georgia.  If your questions are not answered in the tax guide, then the best source of information about ad valorem taxation is the Tax Commissioner or Board of Tax Assessors in your county.

  • Paying Your Property Tax Bill If you have questions about paying your property tax bill you should contact the Tax Commissioner in your county.  

  • Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment For information about appealing your property tax assessment you should contact the Board of Tax Assessors in your county.

  • Applying for Homestead Exemption To find out more about applying for homestead exemption you should contact the Tax Commissioner or the Board of Tax Assessors in your county.  Click here for more information on which tax official to contact.

  • Paying Taxes on Your Motor Vehicle You should contact the Tax Commissioner in your county for information on paying ad valorem taxes on your motor vehicle.

  • Researching Property Values In most counties you must to go to the Board of Tax Assessors' office in your county to look up property values, but for your convenience, we have a list of most of the counties that have property records online.
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