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Unclaimed Property
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Our Mission

It is the responsibility of county tax officials to prepare the county digest for review by the State Revenue Commissioner and to collect property taxes.  For more information about your tax bill, homestead exemptions, assessment or appeal you should contact the appropriate county tax official.

How do I? 

Appeal a property tax assessment 

Appeals on Motor Vehicles
Appeal a motor vehicle assessment

Find out how property is assessed in Georgia

Conservation Use
File for conservation use assessment

County Ad Valorem Tax Facts
Find out about the property taxation procedures in my county

County Ad Valorem Tax Officials
Contact the tax officials in my county

Digest Review
Find out what role the Department of Revenue plays in the valuation of property in my county (uniformity and equity)

Exemptions and Deferrals
Apply for homestead exemptions and deferrals

Download property tax forms

Mobile Homes 
Apply for a mobile home location permit

Motor Vehicles
Find out how much tax I owe on my vehicle

Payment of Property Tax
Pay property taxes on my home

Property Records
Look up the values of property in my county

Request a refund of property taxes on my home

Tax Rate
Find out the rate of tax in my county

Taxes Collected
Find out how much property taxes are collected in each county

Tax Digest Consolidated Summaries
Find the total assessed value of property and millage rate in each tax district

Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Find out what my rights are when appealing a property tax assessment

Find out about timber taxes

Get my title changed (through the county or the Motor Vehicle Division)

 Did you know that...?

  • The County Board of Tax Assessors is responsible for determining the fair market value of real and personal property.
  • The millage rate is set by the County Board of Commissioners and the County Board of Education.
  • The county can not send out tax bills until their tax digest is approved by the State Revenue Commissioner.
  • Property taxes are billed and collected by the County Tax Commissioner.

Click here for more information about county taxation procedures

More about Local Government Services 

About the Local Government Services Division
About the various projects of the Digest Compliance Section , Distributions Section , Public Utilities Section , and Unclaimed Property

Annual Report Regarding Property Tax Administration
Report to the General Assembly on the uniformity of valuations between the counties and the fiscal impact of preferential and conservation assessment 

Digest Review
The Revenue Commissioner is required to examine county digests to ensure uniformity and equity

Property Tax Guide for the Georgia Taxpayer

Rules and Regulations
Includes new regulations for appraisal procedures

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