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Effective January 29, 2014: Additional Requirements for Alcohol, Tobacco, COAM, and Motor Fuel Registrations and Renewals. Click here for more information.

Affidavit - Public Benefits O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1(e)(2) Affidavit
Secure and Verifiable Document Listing Listing
Public Benefits Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
Georgia Tax Tribunal Petition (rev. 12/13) GTT-1
Protest of Proposed Assessment or Refund Denial (rev. 12/11) TSD-1
Request for Penalty Waiver (rev. 12/11) Penalty Waiver
Form GA-9465 Installment Agreement Request Form (rev. 6/12) GA-9465
Request for Replacement Check (rev. 5/12) Form IA-81
IFTA Motor Carrier Decal – REORDER FORM ONLY (rev. 04/10) Order Form
Motor Fuel Tax Evasion Report Form (rev. 10/02) Report Form
Form CRF-007 Motor Fuel Distributor Application (rev. 12/13) CRF-007
Form CRF-IFTA Motor Carrier Registration Application (rev. 11/13) CRF-IFTA
Form FST-2 Floor Stock Reporting Form (rev. 12/07) FST-2
Form FS-MFD-26 Motor Fuel Distributor Bond (rev. 3/03) FS-MFD-26
Form MF-12 Waiver of Seller's Rights For Refund (rev. 2/13) MF-12
Form MFD-3 Motor Fuel Excise Tax & Prepaid State Tax Exemption Certificate  (rev. 2/05) MFD-3
Form MFD-04 MOTOR FUEL TAX REPORT (rev 9/13 ) MFD-04
Form MFD-33 Licensed Distributor Application for Refund (rev. 2/05) MFD-33
Form MFR-44  Application for Refund Non-Highway Clear Diesel/Gasoline (rev. 2/13) MFR-44
Form MRF-21   Application for Refund Licensed Retail Dealer Fuel (rev. 2/13) MFR-21
Motor Fuel Rules for Georgia Interstate Motor Carriers Rules
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Procedures Manual Manual
IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Return (rev. 9/13) IFTA 100
IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Rates Quarterly  Rates