Taxpayer Services Division
Withholding Tax Forms
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Georgia Tax Tribunal Petition (rev. 12/13) GTT-1
Protest of Proposed Assessment or Refund Denial (rev. 12/11) TSD-1
Request for Penalty Waiver (rev. 12/11) Penalty Waiver
Form GA-9465 Installment Agreement Request Form (rev. 6/12) GA-9465
Request for Replacement Check (rev. 5/12) Form IA-81

Form AFF1  Affidavit of Seller's Residence (rev. 12/11)


Form AFF2   Affidavit of Seller's Gain (rev. 12/11)


Form AFF3  Seller's Certificate of Exemption (rev. 12/11)

Form GA-V   Fill in Withholding Tax Payment Voucher (rev. 07/13) (Fill in on-line, print and mail) GA-V

Form G2-A   Withholding on Distributions to Non-Resident Members/Shareholders (rev. 09/13)


Form G2-FL   Allocated Withholding on Employees of Loan-Out Company (rev. 10/12)


Form G2-FP   Withholding on Loan-Out Company Payments (rev. 10/12)

Form G-2LP Withholding on Sales or Assignment of Lottery Payments (rev. 07/13) G-2LP

Form G-2RP Withholding on Sales or Transfers of Real Property and Associated Tangible Personal Property by Nonresidents (rev. 9/13)


Form G-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (rev. 1/13)


Form G-4P Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments (rev. 09/08)


Form G-5B Withholding Account Change Form (rev. 02/06)


Form G-7 Withholding Quarterly Return (For Monthly Payer)   (rev. 07/13) Fill in on-line, print and mail G-7  (M)
Form G-7 Withholding Quarterly Return (For Quarterly Payer) (rev. 07/13) Fill in on-line, print and mail G-7  (Q)
Form G-7 Schedule B Withholding Quarterly Return (For Semi-Weekly Payer) (rev. 10/12)  Fill in on-line, print and mail G-7 Schedule B
Form G-7NRW Withholding Nonresident Return (rev. 7/13) Fill in on-line, print and mail G-7NRW
Form G-1003 Income Statement Transmittal Form (Rev. 07/13)  Fill in on-line, print and mail G-1003
2014 Employers Tax Guide (rev. 04/14) 2014 Tax Guide

Form IT-550 Claim for Refund of Georgia Income Tax Erroneously or Illegally Collected (rev. 1/13)


Form NRW-Exemption Affidavit by Nonresident of Exemption (rev 7/13) NRW-Exemption
Form RD-1061 Power of Attorney (rev. 10/13) RD-1061
Form RD 1062 Disclosure Authorization Form (rev. 8/11) (fill in and print) RD-1062   
Form RET-001 Taxpayer Return Request Form (rev. 4/11) RET-001
Form TSD-10 Application for Tax Clearance Certificate (eff. 1/1/07) TSD-10

Information on Georgia's Withholding Requirements for Sales or Transfers of Real Property by Nonresidents (rev. 11/11)

Sale of Real Property