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Software Developers - Electronic Income Tax Return Certification Program

INDV/Fiduciary Error Codes 

Corp/Part Error Codes 

TY13 INDV Test Cases

TY13 INDV MeF Schema  12/05/2013    (zipped file)

TY13 Corp/Part Mef Schema 11/01/2013    (zipped file)

TY13 Fiduciary Mef Schema 12/05/2013    (zipped file)

TY12 INDV MeF Schema  (11-28-12)    (zipped file)

TY12 Corp/Part – Forms Based Schema (1-9-13)    (zipped file)


TY11 INDV MeF Schema  (10-24-11)    (zipped file)

TY11 Corp/Part - Category Based Schema (11-28-11)    (zipped file)

To register for 2013 Fed/State ELF or MeF Certification, please complete the:

and eMail to:  for Individual and Fiduciary e-Fling Certification Process.

Or   for Corporate & Partnership Tax e-Filing Certification Process.

Or  FAX to 404-417-6008

You will receive the Schema, Record Layout and State Test Cases, as they are available, after you have submitted your Compliance Agreement.


A separate Compliance Agreement must be submitted for each different software product. You will list a primary and secondary contact for each software. The GA DOR will respond only to the two contacts listed.

For information or questions concerning the e-Filing Certification Process

Please e-Mail to:   for INDIVIDUAL Tax e-Filing Certification Process.

Or   for CORPORATE & PARTNERSHIP Tax e-Filing Certification Process.

****************** IMPORTANT ********************

The Paper Tax Forms Certification Process is supported by a different group and has a different Compliance Agreement.

For information or questions concerning the Paper Tax Forms, please contact: