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Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments Accepted

The Georgia Department of Revenue and Official Payments Corporation (OPC) have partnered to allow taxpayers to pay individual income tax, corporate income tax, and Georgia Department of Revenue assessed liabilities with credit cards. Taxpayers can make payments using OPC’s secure website or by calling OPC toll-free at the number shown below.

NOTE: When calling, use Jurisdiction Code 2000 to pay individual income tax or Jurisdiction Code 2006 to pay business taxes.

OPC has been processing credit card payments since 1996, and works with many local, state, and federal government agencies--including the Internal Revenue Service. OPC accepts payments for a variety of personal and business taxes, and has become one of the leading providers of electronic payment options to government entities.

Additional information regarding the payment process, including answers to frequently asked questions, is available on OPC’s website.



Credit cards are only accepted as payment for current year individual income tax due on original Forms 500, 500EZ, 500ES, corporate income tax due on original Forms 600 and 602ES, and liabilities presented to taxpayers via Georgia Department of Revenue assessment notices. Credit cards are not accepted at this time for payments associated with extensions or amended returns.

If you need assistance obtaining your notice number, you may contact the Compliance Division at (404) 417-6336 or the Taxpayer Services Division at (404) 417-2400 or by e-mail to .


To Pay by Credit Card

pay taxes with credit card


or call 1-800-2PAY-TAX SM

(Use Jurisdiction Code 2000 for Individual and

Jurisdiction Code 2006 for Business Taxes)

Official Payments charges a nominal fee for this service