Compliance Division
How to Submit the Use Tax Questionnaire

When you “double click” the link entitled: Complete The Use Tax Questionnaire Online, use the following steps to submit the questionnarie:

1. “Double Clicking” the link should cause a File Download box to appear within the internet browser window: Click the “Open” button to open the questionnarie Word document.

2. Fill the form out as instructed.

3. When you have completed the form save the document to your hard drive by selecting: File (then) SAVE AS

4. Name the Word document file and select SAVE to save the document to your hard drive

5. Select the BACK button to return to the previous page

6. “Double Click” the link entitled “Use Tax Representative directly under the Complete the Use Tax Questionnarie Online Link

7. This should cause your email editor to launch with the email address of the person to whom the questionnarie should be sent.

8. Attach the completed questionnarie you saved to your hard driver in step 3

9. Send the completed questionnarie with the email.