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General Alcohol & Tobacco Forms

Affidavit Affidavit - Public Benefits O.C.G.A. ยง 50-36-1(e)(2)
Listing Secure and Verifiable Document Listing
FAQs Public Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

Liquor/Distilled Spirits Forms

ATT-11 Monthly Report of Distilled Spirits Shipments to Wholesalers Located in the State of Georgia  (rev. 1/13)
ATT-14 Certificate of Residence for Retail Liquor License Only (rev. 1/13)  
ATT-17 Georgia Alcohol & Tobacco Personnel Statement (rev 1/13)
ATT-104 Application for Brand and Label Registration and Designation of Sales Territory (rev. 1/13)
ATT-165 Wholesaler Distilled Spirits Semi Annual Inventory Report
ATT-CA-1 Alcoholic Beverage Catering Quantity and Destination Report (rev. 1/13)
Schedule A List of Label Renewal for Distilled Spirits (rev. 1/13)
ATT-70A Liquor Wholesalers Summary of Total Distilled Spirits Sales to Retail Dealers Within Each County (rev. 12/12)

Malt Beverage Forms

ATT-29 Brewers Schedule of Malt Beverage Shipments (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-38 Wholesale Dealer Beer Price Posting (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-122 Malt Beverage Excise Tax Monthly Report to Counties and Municipalities (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-125 Wholesale Distributors Monthly Report of Malt Beverages Containing Less Than One-half of One Percent Alcohol By Volume (rev. 1/13)
ATT-153 Wholesaler Malt Beverage Semi Annual Inventory Report

Wine Forms

ATT-42 Grapes, Berries, and/or Fruits Seller (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-75 Donated Wine for Auction Excise Tax Report (rev. 09/08)
ATT-88 Wholesaler's Initial List of Suppliers and Designated Territories (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-104 Application for Brand and Label Registration and Designation of Sales Territory (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-112 Report of Wine Shipments (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-113 Permit to Receive Tax Exempt Wine (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-160 Wholesaler Wine Semi Annual Inventory Report

Brew Pub Forms

ATT-104 Application for Brand and Label Registration and Designation of Sales Territory (rev.1/13)

Alcohol and Tobacco Bond Forms

Bond Standard Bond Form for All Alcohol and Tobacco Applications (rev. 05/13)

Tobacco Forms

ATT-67 Report of Non-Tax Paid Tobacco Products Received by Retailer (rev. 1/13) 
ATT-73 Wholesaler's Monthly Report of "NONPARTICIPATING MANUFACTURER" Cigarettes Received or Shipped Into Georgia (rev. 1/13)
Coin Operated Amusement Machines Forms
ATT-301 Coin Operated Amusement Machines Forms

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