Office of Tax Policy
Informational Bulletins

Informational Bulletins - Alcohol and Tobacco

Discount Rate for Licensed Distributors

Proposed Policy for the Internet Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

Informational Bulletins - Sales and Use Tax

SUT 2014-03-26 Zoological Institution Exemption

SUT 2013-05-14 2013 Sales Tax Holidays

SUT 2013-03-28 Fundraising Activities Conducted by Nonprofit Entities

SUT 2013-01-28 Exemption Certificates for Agriculture

SUT 2012-12-10 Special District Transportation Sales and Use Tax

SUT 2011-12-12 Application of Sales Tax to Watercraft and Trailers Sold by a Georgia Dealer

SUT 2010-10-13 Conformity to Certain Provisions of the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement

SUT 2009-09-25 Application of Georgia Sales and Use Tax to the Providing of Portable Toilets and Associated Services

SUT 2006-12-05 Mobile, Manufactured, and Modular Homes

SUT 2006-02-06 Sales Tax Exemption for Sale of Bibles, Korans, Testaments, Religious Papers, Similar Items Rescinded

Archived Sales & Use Tax Informational Bulletins

Informational Bulletins - Tax Credits

Teleworking Tax Credit

Eligible Single-Family Residence Tax Credit

Film Tax Credit 

Listing of Rural Counties for the Rural Physician Tax Credit  

Informational Bulletins - Income Tax

Guidance For Same-Sex Couples Filing in Georgia

Teachers Retirement System Recovery Adjustment

Electronic Filing Mandates

IRS Automatic Extension Rules for Filing Georgia Tax Returns

Informational Bulletins - Local Government Services

Fair Market Value of Qualified Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Property

Homestead Exemption Immigrant Status - Verification via SAVE System

Informational Bulletins - Practices & Procedures

Informational Bulletins - Motor Fuel

Motor Fuel Tax Exemption for Public School Systems

Informational Bulletins - Motor Vehicles

Georgia ELT Service Providers

Announcement for Salvage Vehicle Dealers under HB872

HB872 Lien Release Announcement

Taxicabs and Limousines: Registration and License Plates New Requirements

Late Tag Agent Title and Registration Reports

Informational Bulletin 2008-04 entitled "Cancellation of Vehicle Title for Scrap or Parts Only And Revision of MV Form No. 603D"

Commercial Motor Carrier Registration Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Enforcement Notice

The Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005

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