Lost, Stolen, Destroyed, or Expired Checks
When to complete the Replacement Check Request Form

If you do not receive your check within 15 days of the date the check was issued, or if you received a check that was subsequently lost, stolen, destroyed, or expired (a check that has not been cashed after 180 days of issuance), you can request a replacement check by completing the Replacement Check Request Form. The Department will file a check tracer on your behalf. Please allow 10-15 business days for a replacement check to be issued.

The Replacement Check Request Form (IA-81) may be used to request a replacement check for the following tax types:

Individual Tax
Corporate Tax
Sales and Use Tax
Withholding Tax
Motor Fuel Tax

How to Submit the Replacement Check Form

This form may be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Department as follows:

Mail to: Georgia Department of Revenue, 1800 Century Center Blvd, NE, Suite 3211, Atlanta, GA 30345-3212

Email: cta-file.maintenance@dor.ga.gov

Fax: 404-417-4376

Note: In order to be processed this form must be completed in its entirety; incomplete forms may delay processing.