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Article 5 - Disposition of Unclaimed Property

44-12-190. Short title.

44-12-191. Construction of article. 

44-12-192. Definitions.

44-12-193. When property held, issued, or owing in ordinary course of holder's business presumed abandoned. 

44-12-194. Conditions under which intangible property subject to custody of state as unclaimed property.

44-12-195. When sums payable on traveler's checks or money orders deemed abandoned; conditions under which same may be subjected to custody of state as unclaimed property.

44-12-196. When instruments on which banking or financial organization directly liable presumed abandoned; service charges.

44-12-197. When certain deposits or other interests in banking or financial organization presumed abandoned.

44-12-198. When fund under life or endowment insurance policy or annuity contract presumed abandoned.

44-12-199. When funds held or owing by utility presumed abandoned.

44-12-200. When unclaimed court ordered refund from business association presumed abandoned.

44-12-201. When undistributed dividends and distributions of business associations presumed abandoned; when intangible interest in business associations presumed abandoned.

44-12-202. When unclaimed property distributed in course of dissolution or liquidation of a person presumed abandoned.

44-12-203. When intangible property held in fiduciary capacity for benefit of another, and income derived therefrom, presumed abandoned.

44-12-204. When intangible property held for owner by state or federal entity presumed abandoned.

44-12-205. When gift certificate or credit memo presumed abandoned.

44-12-206. When unpaid wages presumed abandoned.

44-12-207. When employee benefit trust distributions and income thereon presumed abandoned; exceptions.

44-12-208. When funds held or owing by insurer or hospital, medical, or dental service corporation presumed abandoned; when sums payable on negotiable instrument for payment of claim under insurance contract presumed abandoned.

44-12-209. Rent due on safe-deposit boxes; notice of opening of box and sealing of contents when contents deemed abandoned; delivery to commissioner.

44-12-210. Commencement of abandonment for certain property described in Code Section 44-12-197.

44-12-211. When bequeathed property presumed abandoned; when person presumed dead without heirs or distributees and property presumed abandoned.

44-12-212. When property described in Code Section 44-12-193 not subject to this article.

44-12-213. Cooperation with other states to audit or otherwise determine unclaimed property subject to claim; rules and procedure.

44-12-214. Report and remittance of persons holding property presumed abandoned under this article.

44-12-215. Publication of "Georgia Unclaimed Property List"; contents of notice.

44-12-216. Assumption of custody by state; legal proceedings instituted by other state; reimbursements for costs to safe-deposit box holders.

44-12-217. Sale or destruction of property.

44-12-218. Disposition of funds received under article; authorized deductions.

44-12-219. When commissioner may decline to receive certain property.

44-12-220. Claims for property paid or delivered to commissioner; procedure; destruction of records after seven years.

44-12-221. Appeal of commissioner's decision.

44-12-222. Determination of claim; hearing.

44-12-223. Effect of periods of limitation.

44-12-224. Agreement and fees for recovery or assistance in recovery of property reported and delivered to commissioner.

44-12-225. Confidentiality of information or records required by this article.

44-12-226. Expiration of limitation specified by contract, statute, or court order not to affect duties required by this article.

44-12-227. Penalties.

44-12-228. Maintenance and retention of records.

44-12-229. Commissioner may compel filing of report and may examine records; failure to maintain records.

44-12-230. Employment of independent consultant.

44-12-231. Enforcement of article; properties not paid over on a timely basis.

44-12-232. Article does not relieve holder of duty that arose before July 1, 1990.

44-12-233. Receipt of securities under this article.

44-12-234. Property in foreign country or arising out of foreign transaction.

44-12-235. Rules and regulations.

44-12-236. Alternative method of disposition with respect to certain dividends or capital credits which are presumed abandoned; definitions; procedures.


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