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Holders of Unclaimed Property

Entities that hold abandoned property must remit that property to the State after a specified period of time.

2013 Filing Requirements and Returns Forms for Holders of Abandoned Property

2013 Filing Requirements and Returns Forms for Holders of Abandoned Property for Government Entities

2012 Filing Requirements and Report Forms For Insurance Companies

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Owners of Unclaimed Property

Before searching for unclaimed property, see the section below on “Personal Claims” and “Business Claims.” For additional information or to search for unclaimed property, click here.

Thank you for searching for Unclaimed Property in Georgia. Please click on the link above to start your search for property.

Personal Claims

If you find property that might be yours, completing the online request will send an email to our customer service team. Once your request is received, your ownership of the property is verified prior to sending you a claim form. Please understand that due to the volume of requests, we cannot send a notification if the property is not yours.

In order to protect your information, we will only send claim forms to rightful owners or heirs.

Business Claims

If you are a representative of a business, and have located property that lists your business name, please contact Ravinesh Jatan at ravinesh.jatan@dor.ga.gov . You will be asked to provide an authorization letter in order to receive a claim form. The authorization letter must be on company letterhead and specifically appoints you as the business representative.

Estate / Heir Claims

In the case of a deceased owner, please have the executor of the estate and/or the responsible payee on the funeral bill call our customer service number at 1-855-329-9863.

Voluntary Compliance

Unclaimed Property holders or consultants concerned with addressing compliance issues should contact Steve Harbin at 404.724-7058 or steve.harbin@dor.ga.gov