Georgia State Tax Execution List

The Georgia Department of Revenue is responsible for collecting and accounting for the State's tax revenue. As part of this responsibility and under the authority of the Georgia Public Revenue Code (O.C.G.A. ยง 48-3-29), the Department publishes a list containing information about some of the largest delinquent tax liabilities that remain outstanding. The information in this list had previously been made public when the state tax executions (tax liens) containing this data were recorded in the Clerk of Superior Court of the appropriate counties.

The Department has sent multiple notices to the delinquent taxpayers whose names appear in this list to the last known address of such taxpayers within the records of the department and have been afforded the opportunity to pay the liability in full or to explain any discrepancies contained within the notices.

Please note that the current amount due may differ from the original amount listed due to partial payments and/or accrual of additional penalty and interest. Moreover, because the list is updated on a weekly basis, tax liens paid in full may still be listed until the next scheduled weekly update.

This is an ongoing program and additional names will be added periodically. To ensure that your name does not appear on this list, please comply with all Georgia tax laws by timely filing and paying your state taxes.
Any taxpayer appearing in this list may contact the Department of Revenue to make arrangements for payment by calling (404) 417-6336 or may contact any of the regional offices of the department listed on this Website.
The Tax Execution List Application allows you to search, sort and filter current tax lien information for your research.
You may also export the information if needed to a pdf or excel format for reporting purposes.
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